Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Summer Movies, 2013

Movies in Theatre:
Bling Ring
The Conjurning
World War Z

Movies at Home:
Sex and The City
The Proposal
Legally Blonde
Safe Haven
Identity Theft
Fever Pitch
Batman 1, 2, 3
The Sitter
The Call
Casino Royale
This is 40
Catch me if you can

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oedipus the King

1.     After reading Oedipus the King by Sophocles, I believe that he was completely responsible for his fate in the play. Oedipus is a character who is very stubborn, arrogant, and makes impulsive decisions. This personality trait caused Oedipus to solve his own mystery, which was led by his actions and not “destiny.” Some examples of this in the text was in the very beginning of the play. On line 80, Oedipus talks to the priest in concern about the plague that has hit Thebes. When the priest asks for help from Oedipus, he states, “I acted at once. I sent Creon, my wife’s own brother, to Delphi—Apollo the prophet’s oracle—to learn what I might do or say to save the city”(80-84). This shows how due to Oedipus impulsive and fast taking decisions, he caused himself more harm then good. When he learned what Creon had to say, Oedipus digged deeper into the mystery of whom murdered Laius, only to cause him his discovery of his fate.
Another example of this is when Oedipus refuses to listen to Jocasta when she asks him to not talk to the Sheppard who knew who his real parents were. Jocasta states, “Oh no, listen to me, I beg you, don’t do this…. Listen to you? No more. I must know it all, must see the truth at last…. No please—for you sake—I want the best for you” (1167-1170). This shows how Oedipus only cared to find out the truth of who his parents were. Jocasta tried to warn him, but Oedipus would not listen. Because he did not listen, he found out that he was son of Laius and he was the reason for the curse on Thebes. Oedipus was the reason for his death due to his impulsive decisions and arrogant personality.

2.     In my opinion, I think that Oedipus is a wonderful leader, which caused him his fate at the end. Oedipus is very attune to his people and will do whatever is needed to make the city of Thebes better. In fact, Oedipus risked his own life to end the curse on the people of Thebes. Although Oedipus was a good leader, he also made some bad decisions. One of these would believing to heavily into the gods and the prophecy. Another would be not making wise decisions and not listening to what others had to say.

3.     Oedipus flaw would be his impulsive decisions. If Oedipus did not make these impulsive decisions without listening to other people, he would not have been exiled. Oedipus was always trying to figure out the mystery of who killed Laius. Oedipus kept digging and digging into a bigger hole, until he realized he was the one from the prophecy. 

4.     The movie, Minority Report, sets an example of supporting and stopping destiny. This is seen through the movies whole idea of precrime. John Anderton and his crew believe that you are able to stop and predict the future. They do this through their precogs, children who receive dreams that turn out to be future killings. When they see one of the precog’s dreams, it’s the job of the precrime crew to stop the murder before it takes place. Even if the murder does not take place, the murderer is still arrested because of his “destiny” seen in the precog’s dreams. This happened in the very first scene when the husband was arrested before he was able to kill his wife and her boyfriend.
Minority report also refutes destiny. John, the main character, is an excellent example of this. John was suspected and arrested for having a precrime seen in Agatha’s dream. John refuted destiny by not killing the man at the suspected time, showing the audience that the dreams are not always correct. In the end, we find out that John was setup by Lamar, John's superior.

5.     Eyes are a major symbol in the movie, Minority Report. The eyes’ of the precogs are used to see the future. The precogs use their eyes to tell their version of a nightmare to the precrime crew and the rest of the world. Through the Precog's eyes, Precrime is able to stop murders and stop the crime of killing in D.C for six years. Not only do the eyes' of the Precrogs show future murders, Agatha, one of the precogs, shows Lamars covered up murder when she states, "Can't you see" to John. 
The eyes’ of John show his identity. In the beginning, Johns eyes represented resent and the memories of him losing his son, do to John not carefully watching him at the pool. With John’s new eyes, he is a new person. He is able to overcome his destiny and stop the hypocrisy of Precrime. 
The eyes’ of the world show technology and advancement. Instead of someone’s identity being known from who they are, it has come down to technology. Now, people are tracked from their eyes. The police are able to watch the entire country through technology and the use of eyes. 

6.     Today, in America, our culture has changed largely based around technology. For the past century, people have invented and continue to think of new ways to make our lives easier. We have invented new medical equipment for the ease of a clean and quick surgery. We have invented new planes, cars, and trains that are able to travel faster and faster. Our world will continue to evolve for the rest of our lives as each country tries to compete with each other. Similar to the movie, just as Minority Report had huge advancements in technology, I think our world will too. However, with the increase in technology and competition in our world, our advancements are able to hurt us. This is seen in the atomic bomb warfare. As American started to increasing their technology in warfare, so did Russia. This ultimately ended up in all countries having access to the atomic bomb, a weapon so deadly; it is able to kill all of us in one single drop.