Saturday, September 28, 2013

Looking into Precrime

This photo shows Danny Witwer, the detective, investigating into precrime. It captions Witwer looking into the glass at the "temple" where they keep the three precrogs. Witwer is investigating into precrime to try and discover if there is any flaws in the system and identify if it truely works. The photo grasps Witwer seeing his own reflection from the window, while also showing the three precogs, Arthur, Dashiel, and Agatha in the tank. The photo only shows dark colors such as black and blue to show the emotions' of Witwer. Not only are the colors dark and blurry showing the emotion of evil, but so is the expression on Witwers face. Witwer seems concerned when looking at the precogs. It seems Spielberg is trying to show viewers that precrime is corrupt and gives not only the precogs but the entire nation no civil liberties. At first one would see this photo and think that Witwer's face is included in the shot, making the point of view from the camera.  However, after reviewing and examining the shot and scene, viewers are able to realize that the shot is from the point of view of Witwer. We are also able to tell that it is from the point of view of Witwer by noticing that the photo is very blurry, and highlights the attention on the detectives face. When seeing your reflection in a mirror or water, the picture is always blurry and your image is always portrayed in the middle of a scenery. This is exactly how this photo looks. Witwers face is oddly in the middle of the tank and seems to be floating since the rest of his body is not shown. The photo is very blurry around the edges and softens as it shows in detail Witwers face. From these examinations, I think viewers are able to conclude that this is the point of view of Witwer, overall showing his emotions and feelings towards precrime-- corrupt and unjust.

By making viewers see Witwers reflection and image, a popular detail in this move, it not only shows Witwers' expressions, but leads into his future and fate in the movie. Witwer is killed by Anderton in the movie. I think that by seeing his face in the precrime water shows how he will end up like the people who the precogs envision in their dreams, dead. This photo is from the point of view of Witwer as discussed above. It is a closeup, showing only the face of Witwer and the blurred bodies of the precogs. Since the precogs are shown, it is a four person shot. While this photo at first seems to be a photo of a detective with three precogs in the background, it shows and highlights a lot of important themes in this movie. It shows voice, fate, expression, and the views of civil liberties from Witwer. Witwer believes precrime is unjust and corrupt, we are able to see this through his body language, color, and lighting as seen through this photo.